December 1, 2015

Whether you are in IT or engineering, at a start-up or a Fortune 500 company, your organization needs to protect its VMware assets in the event of hardware failure or other interruption to operations. Outside of an elite class of business-critical applications, backup and replication solutions have been the only affordable options to protect most VMs. But when a crisis happens, recovery from backup can result in days or even weeks of downtime, particularly if new hardware must be purchased or backup testing was lax.

In this live webinar you will learn about the dramatically simple VMware vCenter plug-in for disaster recovery (DR) and business continuity (BC) in Amazon Web Services (AWS).   It’s completely intuitive, unified with on-premise management, and less than the price of basic backup!  Join us and see how easily you can:

Date: 12/1/15
Time: 11:00 am PT, 2:00 pm ET 
Duration: 1 hour